Phexxi applicator Phexxi applicator

The Phexxi® Difference

Phexxi is an innovative gel that works by maintaining vaginal pH–no hormones needed! Phexxi doesn’t cause weight gain, mood swings, and blood clots, and is completely hormone-free. See important safety information below.

Phexxi is used in the moment, right before each and every act of sex. Once in the vagina, Phexxi works immediately and lasts up to an hour for each act of sex. No daily commitment required! Because not all women want birth control in their bodies when they aren’t having sex.

With Phexxi, you’re always in control of your body and your pregnancy prevention. No need to rely on a partner to bring a condom, and no need to head into the doctor’s office for an injection or procedure.

Phexxi comes in a 4-inch applicator that is used similarly to a tampon. Once the applicator is inserted into the vagina, you push the gel in and remove the applicator.

Phexxi is used when you need it, and only when you need it. It is designed to stay in place in your vagina only when you're having sex, so Phexxi is flexible for family planning on your terms and timetable.

How Phexxi Works

Normal Vaginal pH

Vaginas typically have pH levels that
range from 3.5-4.5.

For illustrative purposes only

3.5 - 4.5
Acidic Neutral Alkaline
sperm-1 sperm-2

Ready When You Are

86% 93% Efficacy
phexxi safety profile

When You Need It

How to Use Phexxi

Phexxi is used immediately before, or up to 1 hour before each act of sex.

Using Phexxi Is as Simple as 1-2-3

Get Your Prescription Now

Getting a Phexxi prescription is super easy thanks to telehealth!

Fill out a quick online questionnaire

Fill out a quick online questionnaire

Connect virtually with a board-certified doctor

Connect virtually with a board-certified doctor

Get Phexxi delivered straight to your door

Get Phexxi delivered straight to your door

IMPORTANT safety information
If you have had a history of urinary tract infections that keep coming back or other urinary tract problems, you should not use Phexxi.


Phexxi® is an on-demand method of birth control used to prevent pregnancy. Phexxi is not effective when used after sex.

IMPORTANT safety information

Rare cases (0.36%) of bladder and kidney infection have been reported. If you have a history of urinary tract problems that keep coming back, you should not use Phexxi®.

Contact your healthcare provider if you are experiencing genitourinary side effects such as vaginal burning, itching, discharge, genital discomfort (including in male partners), yeast infection, urinary tract infection or bacterial vaginosis.

Phexxi does not protect against any sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Avoid using Phexxi with a vaginal ring.

Avoid Phexxi if you or your sexual partner is allergic to lactic acid, citric acid, potassium bitartrate, or any of the ingredients in Phexxi. Stop using Phexxi if you develop an allergic reaction.

For more information about Phexxi, talk to your healthcare provider and see full Product Information.

Please report side effects by contacting Evofem Biosciences® toll-free at 1-833-EVFMBIO or contact FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or