Get a Prescription Online and Get It Delivered to Your Door

Receive Phexxi® in 3 Simple Steps

1. Fill Out a Questionnaire

Click the link below to access a quick medical questionnaire powered by Populus, our partner website. You’ll be asked about your general health and birth control history—it should only take a few minutes!*

2. Connect With a Doctor

You will then be connected with a board-certified doctor. If the doctor thinks Phexxi is right for you, a prescription will be sent to our pharmacy partner vitaCare, and they will contact you within 24 hours to process it.

3. Get Phexxi

Once verified, your prescription will be mailed directly to your door.

*Heads up: you may be responsible for a payment for a doctor consultation, similar to an in-person office visit.
Another note: Only women with commercial health insurance are eligible for co-pay savings.

Talk Doctor

You Can Also Talk to Your Healthcare Provider About Phexxi

Schedule a visit with your healthcare provider to see if Phexxi is right for you. Download this brochure and this contraceptive chart to get prepared for your visit.

Your healthcare provider will have your prescription sent to your local pharmacy or mailed directly to your door—it’s up to you!

Save on Phexxi

With the Phexxi Savings Program, eligible women may be able to receive their first prescription of Phexxi for FREE!

If you have commercial health insurance, you could be eligible for the co-pay savings. To find out about your eligibility, you can speak with a representative at the ConnectiveRx hotline (1-855-358-6583).

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